About Røros Produkter
We are continually developing and introducing innovative systems which make life easier and more profitable for our customers. We also customise products to order, working closely with customers throughout the process, from concept to finished product.

About us

We work with a wide range of materials such as steel, aluminium, plastic and wood, and we customise our systems to suit the needs of our customers and users. Working with talented product designers means that we can give our customers the systems that are right for them.

We are proud about what we make, but never stop working to become even better and develop our skills. We are constantly working on new development projects so that we can offer good quality, environmentally-friendly and contemporary systems. Systematic work and the long-term view are our main features, and we set clear, high targets which are still realistic –  in terms of investment, turnover, results, quality assurance and working environment.

Work with us

Røros Produkter is a proactive and innovative mechanical industrial company which works actively to supply smart systems to the cleaning and waste market.

We are small enough to be adaptable, and big enough to handle major national contracts.

We are always looking for new staff, and you may be just the person we are looking for!

Send us an open application to:
firmapost@rorosprodukter.no to register your interest.

Social responsibility

We are aware of our responsibility. As well as constantly working to develop rewarding and safe workplaces for our staff, we want to be a positive force in the local community, of which we are a part.

Our company supports positive forces in the local community, and one of the ways we do this is by providing funding and products to local projects that work with children and young people. We donate an annual sum to the Salvation Army, which is spent locally on those in need. We also support local sports, in which many of our employees and their children are active, such as the Røros Løypeforening running club and the local golf club. We also donate an annual sum to the Norwegian Air Ambulance service, and make donations to other global aid initiatives when the opportunity arises.

It is also important for us to be an active member of the local business community, and do our bit to add value to the area. We work with local manufacturers and service providers to improve skills locally and help the area to become more influential. We are a member of the local business arena, RørosHagen, which works closely with entrepreneurs and other businesses. We all work together to develop initiatives that will improve skills and create the right conditions for local business development.

For us, social responsibility is about making the right choices. All our staff are very aware of our obligations, and we want to work with our customers and suppliers to ensure that we not only live up to our ethical targets, but continue to develop them.

Code of Conduct

Røros Produkter's code of conduct and ethical guidelines are compiled for creating common approaches on how the organization should be run. This is to make sure all owners, suppliers, customers, employees, public authorities, cooperative and competing companies at all times have confidence in the company's professionalism and integrity.

Our code of conduct is based on the internationally recognized UN and ILO conventions and recommendations.

Download "Code of Conduct" (PDF)

Environmental responsibility

Røros Produkter works consistently to ensure that our manufacturing processes and own consumption are as environmentally-friendly and sustainable as possible. We also only use professional subcontractors who take their own environmental responsibility seriously. We sort our waste into cardboard, plastic, glass, metal and powder coating, glass, fluorescent tubes, batteries and other EE waste, and deliver these to approved reception facilities. The company uses almost no harmful substances in its manufacturing processes, which means that our emissions are minimal. All our finished products can be recycled into the value chain when they have reached the end of their service life.

The company has been a member of Green Dot Norway AS for many years. We try to keep energy usage to a minimum, by such means as using as little packaging as possible, and compressing our shipments. And of course, we never stop working on HSE.

The company has been working in accordance with the ISO 14001/EMAS standard since 2002, and we achieved Eco-Lighthouse certification in December 2013.

Our customers should feel confident that Røros Produkter is a supplier and partner that they can trust at every stage, from ordering, and manufacturing, to product and delivery. Our systems not only make it easier and safer to dispose of waste and perform cleaning work –  they are also produced in an environmentally-friendly way. Our products have a long service life, which means that they provide the extra value that makes them even better value for our customers, with less of an impact on the environment

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