It is often that little extra something which makes all the difference. We customise products according to our customers’ preferences in terms of labelling, colours and ergonomics. As a supplier of customised products, one of our main priorities is satisfying the needs of our customers and users, and we have many years of experience in working closely with our customers’ designers. We also have experienced designers and consultants who can help turn a customer’s vision into reality.

Customisation combined with mass production

Meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers means that we always have to be one step ahead of developments. We never stop working on new development projects and improving our skills, and one of our investments has been to participate in a ‘corporate lab’ here in Røros.

This is enabling us to implement the business strategy ‘Customisation combined with mass production’. The ability to combine customisation with high-volume production is one of our biggest strengths, and we want to continue developing this quality through this project.


May Kristin Knutsen
Marketing Manager



It is becoming more common for the location of waste bins to be decided by the architect at the design stage, and customised around visitors, cleaning, etc. Recycling systems require several bins to be placed close together, and our station systems are now being described as waste furniture when new buildings are being planned.

When we received the order from Destination Røros, it was entered into the system along with all the other customer orders that day. “I am delighted that we can get such specific products manufactured locally, as this means that our tourist information office can also act as a showcase for local manufacturers. The turquoise waste bins turned out exactly the way I wanted”, said Linda Ramberg, Director of Destination Røros.



Coating colour options

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Røros Produkter AS has a large, modern coating plant which uses an iron phosphating pre-treatment. Iron phosphating helps to improve corrosion resistance. We use powder coating which is cured in a convection oven at between 190 and 210 degrees Centigrade. To achieve the best possible results, we use polyester-based coating, which is highly resistant to weather and UV radiation. The coated products can be left outside for many years with no noticeable loss of shine or colour. Røros Produkter has Eco-Lighthouse certification, and one of our priorities is to make our coating process as environmentally-friendly as possible.

On the product pages on this website, you can see the standard colours for each product. On this page, you can see the standard coating colours that we keep in stock.



If you want a product to be coated in a colour other than the standard colour for the product, a colour surcharge will appear on the invoice as a start-up cost. We can also provide other RAL or NCS colours.

The price must then be agreed on an individual basis, since there are huge price variations between the coating types.